For years I made my own surface cleanser. I did so because many of the products I bought made me cough or they irritated my skin. Citrus essential oils are known for being antiseptic plus they smell so pleasant. Essential oils of lemongrass, orange, grapefruit & tangerine are mixed with a gentle liquid soap. This refreshing cleaner can be used on most surfaces such as counter tops, bathroom cleaning, greasy surfaces, appliance cleaning, to name a few. To maximize number of uses, a glass container is filled with the liquid soap & essential oils. You will receive an empty plastic spray container. Add a tablespoon of the mixture into the sprayer & fill with distilled water (for the most suds) or tap water. **This is NOT a skin care product.

"the citrus surface cleaner works so well on my granite counter tops. They sell all kinds of granite cleaner but they smell of chemicals, they are expensive and they do not work nearly as well. I can not live without it. Thank-you for always finding something new and better and health conscience. Dot Goodman WV

**We have a new spray container to use to mix the concentrate of essential oils & soap. We think this spray container works better than the previous one. Feel free to use Citrus Surface Cleanser in a favorite spray container you have that is emptied & rinsed.