The year 2020 will mark our 35th year in business thanks to each and every one of our customers.

WINTER weather is drying for our skin. Protect skin with SKIN SAVVY MIST, CREAM & LIP SAVVY. Using MIST is essential for optimal results from the treatment system. Our skin needs to replace the moisture depleted from cold weather & indoor heating, both of which remove moisture from skin. Spritzing MIST onto skin before applying CREAM is a simple, inexpensive step with BIG results.

SKIN SAVVY products are made here in Lancaster County, PA, USA. Our products are unique not only for the ingredients used but also what is not used. Ingredients are wholesome, high-quality, time-proven and easy to pronounce. There is no: parabens, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laurel sulfate, petroleum derivatives, mineral oil, DEA, artificial fragrances and colors. If your skin care routine is not working as you would like, we invite you to try STRONG SKIN SAVVY products. We are available to help and answer questions. We strive to keep prices low. Often we add a free product in an order to use.

FREE shipping for orders $50 or more in 48 states. Orders under $50 are charged $7 if east of Mississippi River & $11 west of river. We have not increased our shipping fee in five years.