We use natural ingredients, such as beeswax, and essential oils instead of chemicals.

STRONG SKIN SAVVY CREAM contains six time-proven ingredients.  Lanolin is a dense emollient and skin protector.  Soybean oil and butter easily penetrate the skin replenishing the skin's lipid barrier.  Beeswax is an antioxidant that readily absorbs moisture and retains it in the skin.  Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that aids in healing. Available in your choice of Lavender or Lemon essential plant oils. Lemon is an antiseptic, antibacterial and cleansing essenial oil.  Lavender is an analgesic and antiseptic with calming properties.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Contains no petroleum. (Petrolatum products can leach natural skin oils).
[Bullet] Spray STRONG SKIN SAVVY MIST first for desired moisture. STRONG SKIN SAVVY CREAM helps seal in the proper amount of moisture.
[Bullet] Very soothing for tender or wounded skin. 
[Bullet] For persons of all ages and can be used from face to feet.  
Can be used to prevent skin problems such as dry, cracked skin leading to further destruction. 
Aids in healing of the skin.


Maintain the health and integrity of skin
Relieve dry facial skin
Moisturize dry elbows, hands, and feet, including calloused heels and toes
As an after-shave skin conditioner for men and women
Promote healthy skin on babies, especially diaper area
Protect and nurture skin on athletes
For medical uses, including incontinence, peritubal care, diabetic skin changes, and wound care
"This miracle salve seemed to work instantly, and its aroma is an added plus. I love STRONG SKIN SAVVY and without it my skin....well, I could not imagine how my skin would look and feel. Thank you, Vicky." Stanley Ebron, Washington, D.C.

"After a leg burn while snorkeling in Australia, when the dryness set in, I put your vinegar spray and creme on my legs and it really made a BIG difference.  I was so thankful that I had brought them, even though I had not expected to need the creme in the warm, humid climate.  So I was once again very thankful that you had saved my legs, as well as my face here in Moscow!"  Theresa


Strong Skin Savvy Cream Size Price
Lemon  2 oz. $9.00
Lemon  4 oz. $12.75
Lavender  2 oz. $9.00

"We are big fans of your magical STRONG SKIN SAVVY CREAM. It is nothing short of amazing the results we have had overnight when using your salve to heal dry, cracked, dishpan, and otherwise abused hands. It has even done a great job on a resident feline's eczema-like ear condition!" Mark Role and friends, FL

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