Deluxe Calendula Cream

Calendula officinalis, with its petals of golden orange, are known as the flower of the sun. This medicinal plant is sometimes called the pot marigold, to differentiate it from the smaller ornamental marigold. The calendula is one of the best known and versatile herbs. The bright orange petals are an excellent remedy for cuts and wounds, and their antiseptic and healing properties help to prevent the spread of infection and speed up the rate of repair.  It is also a pleasure to use on healthy skin as a gentle moisturizer and skin protector.

Try Deluxe Calendula Cream

Experience the healthy calendula in Deluxe Calendula Cream and other natural ingredients including: calendula-infused olive oil, (we make small batches, we don't use mass produced calendula oil), apricot oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and natural vitamin E. Olive oil is known for its restorative and softening effect. Apricot oil softens and moisturizes. Coconut oil lubricates, smoothes, moisturizes, and is a protecting emollient. Vitamin E is well known as an antioxidant, preservative, and aids in healing.

Before the calendula infused oil is added to the rest of the mixture, it is strained. Some small, dark flower particles may remain in the oil and could be found in the finished product.

Versatility of Uses

When do you use Deluxe Calendula Cream? It easily blends into the skin and is ideal for babies, children and adults especially if they have sensitive and extra dry skin. This deluxe cream is wonderful for a facial and body moisturizer.  It melts upon contact with the skin and quickly penetrates, making it easy to dress or use your hands after application.  Generally speaking, use this cream everywhere STRONG SKIN SAVVY CREAM is used, for a lighter moisturizing effect. 

Great for use on minimizing scars.

When would I use STRONG SKIN SAVVY CREAM rather than Deluxe Calendula Cream? Use STRONG SKIN SAVVY CREAM on areas that require maximum protection, such as in a skin fold, any area of skin that has drainage, incontinence protection, and areas that would benefit from the application of essential oils.

Do I need to use STRONG SKIN SAVVY MIST with Deluxe Calendula Cream? If your skin is dry or healing, it is best using the MIST with Calendula Cream. The MIST will provide moisture for your thirsty skin, return the skin's normal acid pH, and provide essential oil benefits of rosemary or lavender.

Deluxe Calendula Cream two ounce jar $10.50

Calendula Oil two ounce vial with dropper $14.00

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